IML Specials

Where art meets deco.

Image: Barrier IML labels

Barrier IML labels

IML labels can embed an oxygen barrier function. This is achieved by an intermediate EVOH layer or an aluminium layer. Barriers to water vapour, light and aromas are also possible.

Image: IML labels for pasteurization

IML labels for pasteurization

Several food products need to undergo pasteurization but this thermal treatment stresses the label and its print. Viappiani has a good IML solution for pasteurized products.

Image: Dishwasher resistant IML labels

Dishwasher resistant IML labels

Reuse is one of the principles of sustainability. Thanks to dishwasher resistant IML labels, you can produce decorated multiuse drinking cups and containers which allow for multiple washing cycles.

Image: The container shapes the label

The container shapes the label

So called “low distortion labels” follow some unevenness of injected parts without creating unaesthetic wrinkles.

Image: Recto/verso IML labels

Recto/verso IML labels

With an IML label printed on both sides you can inject clear polypropylene and read some text (for example a recipe) on the inside of the lid. The usable surface of the label is doubled.

Image: IML labels with invisible codes

IML labels with invisible codes

For traceability, sorting, or other purposes, ordinary codes such as QR-codes and Datamatrix codes can be printed with a UV reacting ink in order to be readable by a suitable scanner but not visible to the human eye.

Image: IML labels with removable coupons

IML labels with removable coupons

IML labels can also have a removable proof of purchase. This coupon is precut and can be removed by the user for a collection of points or other marketing initiatives.

Image: Superclear IML labels

Superclear IML labels

Different substrates and technologies allow us to offer superclear labels. Whenever transparency of the container is the most important aspect, for example in case of medical products.

Image: IML labels with overinjection detector

IML labels with overinjection detector

A special invisible print on the back of the label allows our customer to use a cheap inspection control system to detect overinjections.

Image: Scented IML labels

Scented IML labels

Thanks to a special technology you can smell the perfume of the contained product, for example a lavender scented fabric softener, by simply rubbing the label surface.

Image: Metalised IML labels

Metalised IML labels

Also plastic IML labels can show a premium metal look. A fully metalised label can even look like a tincan container. With the latest technologies the metalised labels can also be charged statically.

Image: IML over the frame

IML over-the-frame

A 500 microns thick label becomes a structural part of the lid. Only the black material of the frame is injected. The part has clear and black material without using a dual-colour injection machine.