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About Viappiani

Viappiani Printing is an Italian printing company, located in Segrate (Milan) serving international markets with all types of labels and other printing specialties. 115 employees are working in a modern facility offering best products and services for our national and multinational customers for example in the food, beverage, chemical, automotive and fashion industry.
After its foundation in 1929 by Bruno Viappiani, the company specialised very early in the production of labels, starting with the wet-glue labelling technology. Today the main business of the company is the production of different types of In-Mould Labels among the great variety of other printing specialties.


Product Portfolio

  • In-Mould Labels

  • IML Specials

  • Self-Adhesive Labels

  • Shrink Sleeves

  • Wet-Glue Labels

  • Wrap-Around Labels

  • Roll-On-Shrink-On Labels

  • Publishing and Advertising

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