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Quality meets Perfection


Beyond creating the image of a container, the label builds the personality of the product by conveying corporate identity and brand feel. It is the business card, the communication media, which reaches the end-user. At the same time, labels can transmit essential and also extensive product information, like ingredients or security notes, to comply with legal requirements.

In order to receive perfection in printing labels, it needs experience, know-how and dedication.



Viappiani has over 80 years of experience in labelling and over 35 years in the In-Mould Label (IML) technology, now offering a variety of labels and IML solutions for all kinds of applications (more...).
We offer best products and services for your specific labelling requirements. Viappiani’s success is based on innovation, creativity, reliability and high flexibility, which is also valued by our internationally successful customers.
Viappiani is proud to be a member of the experienced and internationally successful CTI HOLDING AG, a group covering three continents. This allows us to continuously improve our product portfolio by constantly exchanging know-how and experience with our sister companies and deliver service worldwide to our customers.